12 Days til Boston

Wow, it has been a while since I talked about getting to bed early and getting plenty of rest.  That plan was a bust.  I have always been a night-owl and for the worse, I continue to be, although with only 12 days now til Boston, I hope to get my proper rest.  I have never felt better physically and have no injuries.  My running times are getting faster.  The only big downer is I had a physical this week and the doctor told me my dangerously high blood pressure could cause sudden cardiac arrest while running a marathon and had me start taking 2 blood pressure pills to reduce my BP before the race.  He prescribed BP medicine at my physical two years ago, but I hoped to get it down by exercise and eating better.  It only went up, so now I am hoping the side effects from the medications will not affect my running.  I have only had slight headaches so far from the BP meds, and that may go away in a couple of weeks.  I have never have been on any medication and I was not happy to now be starting, but it is necessary. 

I am now in my taper for training so will spend more time thinking about the race and all that it involves, physically, mentally, spiritually.

From information gathered I understand some of what Boston entails.  Part of my plan for running Boston:

Negative splits – the first half will be slower than the second half, by 4-6 minutes.  Must have enough energy left for the series of three hills that come after mile 20.

The downhills at the beginning can rip you apart.   Be conservative, slow down the first 5-6 miles, then get into a rhythm and run.  Downhills will cause dead legs.  Be cautious on downhills.  The hill are not that big, but come late in the course.  Do not try to bank time, or the hills will get you at the end.

Do not speed up when seeing the Citgo sign near the end, as there is still a way to go.  Keep it steady, with good form, and don’t try to sprint to the finish line until you can read the clock time.

I want to finish in 4 hours, so if the clock time reads 3:58:34 as you approach, run like the wind.  The clock give you 59 extra seconds, plus the extra time it took to cross the start line, so I may have several minutes to spare, but do not want to arrive at the finish line any later than 4:00:59.

I am in the second starting wave which starts at 10:30am.  I have no idea of how long it will take me to cross the start line, so I want to be sure to look at the clock when I cross the start as I will need every second I can get.  This race will be difficult for me to do in under 4 hours.  I may be very close.  I want to do the first half between 2:02-2:03, which will make the second half between 1:57-1:58.  I have done this in Grand Rapids and I am faster and stronger 6 months later, so it is possible if all goes perfect.  Hopefully the weather will be cool, below 60 degrees.  I will check the forecast and take what clothes I may need for all conditions.

Today I go to the gym for cross training on the bike and strength training.


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