running cold

Since New Year’s day, Florida has experienced frigid temperatures.  The Disney Marathon weekend was the coldest, harshest weather possible for a Florida marathon.  I was glad I was not running it this time.  Saturday’s long run was cold and rainy with mixed in sleet.  I did my long run of 16 miles,  fortunately, after nine miles I was able to make an early morning visit to my sister Tootie’s home to dry my clothes and recover before running back home.  There was no one out, making for a peaceful run.  Part of running in the cold and enjoying it is mental and part is how I physically prepare.

Just before putting my shoes and socks on, I massage my legs and feet vigorously with “The Stick”.  This of course increases the circulation and warms my legs.  I layer on plenty to stay warm.  Once finished with my warm up, I remove clothing as my core temperature increases.

Tonight was cool; about 49 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our training group did speed work, so I warmed up quickly and ran in shorts and short sleeve shirt.  I have found a greater tolerance to extremes of temperature since doing speed training.

Tonight’s speed workout was exhilarating  and I felt great and ran well.  And I’m getting faster.


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