time trial

In the cold, crisp winter air I ran my first six-mile time trial ever.  Today started my Boston marathon training with Coach Lea and she wanted to get a baseline on how fast each runner can do six miles.  A small group of runners met at Natalia’s neighborhood to run a two-mile course three times.  My time was 47 minutes, the fastest six miles I have ever run.  Running a little behind Natalia, who is stronger and faster than I, gave me more energy to keep the faster, under eight minute pace.  I finished strong and felt good afterward.  I have felt some pain in my left knee for over a month, but after a couple mile warmup, it was fine for the trial run.  The temp was 39 degrees, but after warmup I ran in shorts and long sleeve tech top and was comfortable.  The colder weather probably helped my speed for the six-mile distance. 

After the run,  the group met in Natalia’s garage for a special cold weather treat of hot tea with honey.  It really kept me warm on this cold night.  Also, right after the run I drank a cup of chocolate nutritional drink, which helps build my body after a hard run.  My left knee is feeling tender from the run and I have iced it with a cold wrap. 

Tonight was like starting my first day of school, as I had not been training with Coach Lea and this group for a couple months.  I finished my training at Tri N Run with Jerry and Tammy last Saturday.  After being nervous for a couple days about running tonight, it turned out better than expected.  It was really good training with Coach Lea and running with Natalia, who is also training for the Boston marathon.

Coach Lea thanked me for the letter of reference I gave her and she said part of it made her cry.  I wonder which part?

Coach Lea  letter of reference


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