Two More

Yes, there are only two more days left in this year.  Wow, did it go fast.  The year in review…no, the ten best things of my year.  At least ten things I can remember.  So much does happen in every year of life, but it seems to go in one brain and out, well, my same lame brain.  Starting this blog may help me to remember what goes on.  Like:

  1. Mom visited from Albion, Mi.  She stayed for a couple months of the winter with my sister, Tootie.  We did quite a lot while she was here and had a good family time together.
  2. Work was extremely slow to dead during the peak of the recession.  I only worked mornings from 8:30-12: noon.  My main duty was making and drinking the coffee at Screen Master.  Enjoyable conversations with Shivani made the time fly by.
  3. Several races were the lead up to my main goal of the year, to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Uncle Jack and Aunt Mary and Angie accompanied me to the Grand Rapids Marathon and cheered me on to my goal of under four hours to qualify for Boston.
  4. Races and training for races was my main focus.  It was most fun having Tootie, Mom, Mike, Angie, Niki come to support me.  Running a couple races with my best friends, John and Lesley really made the miles easy and fun.
  5. Digital photography is a somewhat irritating hobby I got into after getting a Nikon D90 for Christmas last year.  I took thousands of pictures, but only a couple a worth looking at.  My pleasure here was the camera’s delete button.
  6. Cruising in the Edsel with many friends and family was just too cool.  Even nicer is the ’59 Edsel Ranger still runs and looks great.  Waxing it is sweet.
  7. Trying to keep up with the social networks to some basic degree was entertaining and of course extremely time consuming.  Now I can spend even more time with this blog.  Facebook, Flickr and Yahoo mail may be overkill, but keeps me thinking and well, contemplating even.  Hmmmm.
  8. The Beatles albums were remastered and put out in a mono box set on 9-9-9.  I got it, plus  Mom got me Abbey Road for Christmas, so my Beatles listening is complete.
  9. This was our last time for Fantasy Fest.  The four, John, Ben, Bob and I have had many fun trips to Key West, but we agreed that this year’s Fantasy Fest would be our last.  All wild things must come to an end. 
  10. Movies, movies, and more movies were enjoyed by our many guests on my big 9’x5′ projection screen.  My favorite DVD was Slumdog Millionaire.

This is just a bit of the fun I had in good old 2009.  I did my best to enjoy every day of it and hope to do even better in 2010.


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